There is a huge craze taking off right now with people wanting to get into shape for summer. The ultimate goal is to shed all the unwanted weight gained during those winter nights be the fire place. While many turn to natural pills, some turn to a smoothie diet.

Many people are willing to give a blended diet a change but are not willing to invest over $100 on a brand-new machine – opting to create them without a blender. In these cases, you’ll want to stick to liquid ingredients. This is in essence what the blender dose.

For those wondering how to make a smoothie without a blender, the answer is that you can but it’s not easy, creative of fun. You’ll want to stick to liquard ingredents where things are broken up as much as possible to start with.

A good alternative to a smoothie maker is to crush all your ingredients by hand in a mixing bowl. This method dose limit what you can place into your mixing bowl, but is achievable if you stick to ingredients such as banana and avocado.

Another good option is to use existing appliances around kitchen. Most people have a hand held bar mix blender that would do the trick. You could also try chopping items up with a knive as fine as you can before using your hands to finish the job.

It can be more than a bit messy but if you have the patience of a saint and don’t mind getting a little messy – the option might be just for you. If you do have a little spare money lying around the house, you can pick up a deceit machine for less than $100.

A good place to find a cheap machine is from EBay or Craig’s List, where you’ll often find people selling second hand machines. In these cases, you’ll want to check the machine is in working operation and contains a warranty – if it’s not past the date.

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